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What Should I Put in My Dog’s Easter Basket?

Easter is right around the corner. And if you consider your dog a part of the family, why not give them a special basket of gifts this Easter? After all, they are your precious fur baby!

But of course, you can’t put things like chocolate, plastic eggs, and stringy fake grass in a dog’s Easter basket. So what can you give them? Below is a list of some fun, safe surprises you can put in your dog’s Easter basket that they will enjoy!

How Do You Celebrate Easter with a Dog? 

There are several ways you can celebrate Easter with your pup. Check out the list below for a fun-filled Easter celebration with your four-legged friend. 

  • Dog Easter egg hunt: Making an Easter egg hunt for your dog is super easy, fun for them, and entertaining for you! Check out the tips below to learn how to create one. 
  • Easter family photos: Can you imagine just how precious it would be to get Easter families photos with you and your pup? Or let them join the group for the big family photo.
  • Doggy Easter basket: Dog Easter baskets are a fun way to let your dog celebrate. We have a long list of ideas below that your pup will absolutely love!
  • DIY dog Easter egg cookies: Click the link for a DIY recipe to make Easter egg dog treat cookies for your furry best friend. 
  • Flower picking with your dog: Dogs love to be outdoors, go for walks, and spend time with you. So why not take a stroll in the woods and pick some spring flowers together? 

How Do You Make a Dog Easter Egg Hunt?

It’s actually quite easy and fun to make an “Easter egg hunt” for your four-legged friend. And because dogs have such great sniffers, they will love running around the yard, trying to find all those special treats!

  • Use a fenced-in yard or a long, retractable leash: A fenced-in yard works the best so your pup can run freely. But a retractable leash will work just fine! Your dog just needs enough freedom to sniff and run around. 
dog in front of easter-colored flowers
  • Use a KONG, not plastic eggs: The typical plastic Easter eggs aren’t safe for dogs because they easily crack. And you wouldn’t want your pup to swallow a piece accidentally. Instead, try using a KONG treat filler or something similar. If you purchase several, you can use these to hide your dog treats around the yard.  
  • Use dog treats & food, or dog-friendly fruits and veggies: Of course, we want to avoid letting our pups have any chocolate since it’s toxic for dogs. Safer options would be small treats, pieces of dog food, peanut butter—without any xylitol—or dog-friendly fruits and veggies like carrots, bananas, apples, celery, and green beans. And if you’re using something like solid pieces of dog food or treats, you don’t necessarily need a treat-filler to hide them. If you are using things like peanut butter and bananas—you can put them in your dog’s KONG ahead of time, freeze them, and let your pup enjoy a refreshing cold treat. Plus, this way, the fun will last even longer!
close-up of easter basket with eggs and candy
  • Keep the total amount of treats small: Since you’ll be hiding multiple treats around the yard for your dog, make sure to keep each treat small, so their total amount of food isn’t too much. Even when foods are dog-safe and healthy—too much food of any kind can lead to stomach upset for your sweet pup.
  • Keep track of the hiding spots: Write down the location of each hiding spot, just in case your dog doesn’t find one. You wouldn’t want the food to attract other bugs and critters later. 
  • Encourage and praise your dog: Make it fun and exciting for your dog. Use a sweet, encouraging voice to praise them as they go.

15 Easter Basket Ideas for Your Dog

Alright, now it’s time to do some Easter shopping for your favorite furball. These Easter basket ideas for your dog are so adorable, you won’t be able to resist! 

  • Plush rabbit or duck toy: Most dogs love getting new toys. And these soft plush toys are Easter-themed and the perfect gift for a dog who loves to snuggle up with their stuffed animals. 
  • “Peeps” squeaky toy: The Peeps squeaky toys are hilarious! They look just like the marshmallow treat. And any dog who loves a good squeaky toy will get a kick out of these.
  • Carrot-shaped rope toy: This rope toy is shaped like a carrot, and is perfect for those strong chewers! They can gnaw on it all day long, and it’s great for helping to clean those doggy teeth.
  • Dog bunny ears: These adorable bunny ears are made specifically for dogs to wear. They also come with a pink bowtie, a carrot rope toy, and even a cotton ball bunny tail. This purchase is perfect for those Easter family photos.
  • Easter egg hide-and-seek dog toy: Have you ever seen those hide-and-seek dog toys? They are great for keeping your pup entertained and they create some fun mental stimulation for your dog. And this one is Easter-themed! It’s basically a giant carrot with three little squeaky bunnies that can be pushed into and pulled out of it.
  • Easter dog sweater: Just like those fun dog Christmas sweaters, you can also find dog Easter sweaters and shirts for your pup to wear around the house. It’s a fun way for you both to get in the spirit. And this one is available in sizes xx-small to 3x-large.
  • Squeaky carrot toy: This is another great toy! It’s a soft, carrot-shaped squeaky toy, perfect for snuggling and making crazy sounds. 
  • Real carrots as a treat: You can give your dog real carrots as an Easter treat. They are not only dog-friendly but super healthy—and dogs love them. My pups go bonkers for carrots!
easter sign amidst eggs
  • Duck doggy treats: You can give your dog some healthy freeze-dried treats made from duck.
  • Rabbit doggy treats: These dog treats are made from 100% freeze-dried rabbit.
  • Easter bunny tug-of-war rope: This is an Easter-themed tug-of-war rope toy that is great for playful pups. It is a bunny with a rope loop at the top and bottom of the toy. Perfect for chewing and pulling!
  • Spring floral dog collar: If you’re looking for some pretty spring accessories, you can purchase this cute dog collar that is covered in spring flowers.
  • Hand-decorated Easter doggy cookies: If you don’t have the time or talent to DIY your dog’s Easter cookies, you can actually buy some online made by professionals.
  • Read your dog an Easter doggy book: Believe it or not, dogs actually love listening to you read. It’s very soothing for them to hear your calming voice. And they will love getting to snuggle up next to you. Try reading a book to your pup and your kids about everyone’s favorite dog, Clifford, and his Easter adventure.
  • Premade box of goodies for your dog: The great part about all of the dog companies out there is that some actually make premade boxes of dog baskets for you! Check out the Goody Box by Chewy, the Whaline 4-Pack Easter Dog Toy Kit, or The Easter Buddies by BarkBox. These baskets help take the guesswork out of shopping for your pup. And they’ll save you time, while still giving your dog the gifts they’ll love! 

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