Danielle Miles

dog thanksgiving

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe for Your Dog

Thanksgiving can feel off-limits for dogs, no thanks to its dangerous foods. However, you have many safe and healthy ways to spoil your little turkey. Use our Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe to show your pup that you are thankful for them this holiday and every day.

pitbull running

The Truth about Pitbulls

For Pitbull Awareness Day, we’re diving deep to debunk common myths. Read on to discover why breed-specific legislation is ineffective.

dog in front of american flags

VOTE: Dog for President!

What qualities would you like to see in a president? How about being loyal, trustworthy, honest, and caring? Can you think of anything else that embodies those characteristics? That’s right, dogs!

white dog

Opening Your Home to a Deaf Dog

When deaf dogs are born into a litter or relinquished to a shelter, their chances of finding homes are much lower than hearing dogs. Some aren’t even given a chance.

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