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happy dog running in field of flowers

Is Your Dog Itchy? Here’s Why

Spring flowers are in full bloom—and so are seasonal allergies. But while you’re sneezing and sniffling, your dog is scratching, biting, and licking. Let’s explore some reasons why your dog is itchy.

New Research Study Reveals Additional Information on a Surprising Dog Toxin: Human Hair Loss Treatment Minoxidil

Hair loss happens, so you may have some products at home to try and treat this common condition. Did you know that one of the most common treatments for hair loss is minoxidil (e.g., Rogaine®), which is seriously toxic to dogs?
Minoxidil is a lotion or foam that is applied to the thinning area to thicken and speed up hair growth. This drug may be effective at treating hair loss, but it is a serious medication and can cause significant side effects—some fatal—if swallowed. This applies not only to humans (particularly children) but also to our pets.

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