The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year. But sometimes they can be the most stressful time of the year too! With family meals, work parties, holiday-themed events with friends… the calendar can fill up pretty quickly! 

And during all that busyness, not only do you have to add in time to shop for gifts… but you have to come up with creative, thoughtful ideas for everyone on your list. Maybe you’re shopping for a pet parent and dog-lover, and you already know that a dog-related gift would be well-received. But where should you start? 

Whether you’re looking for creative gift ideas for a dog mom, a dog dad, or even someone who works with dogs… we’ve got tons of unique, personalized, and thoughtful gift ideas for you. 

What Does a Dog Mom Need?

Dog moms and dog dads are sure to love any dog-themed gift, but there are certain gifts that can make pet parenting much easier. These gifts help solve a problem or fill a need that any dog owner will love and appreciate.

  1. The Furbo Dog Camera
    If you have dog-loving friends or family members that have a hard time leaving their pup at home while they go to work, this gift would be perfect for them! Not only do they get to keep an eye on their fur-babies all day to make sure they’re ok, but they can also “toss” a treat to their dogs with the Furbo Dog Camera. 

  1. Lightvise LED Clamp-On Leash, Collar & Harness Flashlight
    If you’re concerned about a friend or family member walking the dog while it’s dark outside, check out this gift. This flashlight connects to the dog’s leash so you don’t even have to waste a hand. This is the perfect gift to keep a pet parent and pup safe as it’s designed to cast wide-angle lighting. 

  1. Dog Walking Gloves
    This is a perfect gift for any active dog owner. Especially if he or she is tough enough to keep walking the dog in the cold, snowy weather. These gloves are insulated with a flannel lining and work with any smartphone. This is a great gift to show how much you appreciate a spouse or family member who does all of the dog-walking for you.
  1. Portable Hanging Neck Sports Fan
    This gift is great for pet parents during those hot summertime walks. It’s a USB rechargeable portable neck fan that hangs around your neck like a pair of large headphones. It works by blowing on your neck and face while you walk. If you get these and the gloves listed above, your dog-loving friend will be set for every season!

Personalized Gifts for Dog-Lovers

In addition to fulfilling the needs of a pet parent, you could also try getting them a fun, personalized gift. You may have to do a little research and snag some of their social media pics of their dog, but if you do, your dog-loving friends will be beyond surprised and impressed!

  1. Custom Dog Welcome Mat
    Once you check out these hilarious welcome mats, you’ll know right away if this is the gift for someone on your list! You get to put a picture of their dog’s face on the mat with their name and a funny welcome message. This is definitely for the extreme dog-lovers out there.

  1. MyPupSocks
    You may have seen these socks advertised on social media. But if your friends love their dog quite a bit, they might enjoy having a pair of socks with their dogs’ face all over them. It’s a great gift if you want something that is personalized, funny, and not too expensive. 

  1. Personalized Dog Mugs
    Does the dog mom or dog dad on your list love drinking coffee or tea? Why not get them a mug? You can put dog and cat lookalikes on their mug with names listed beneath each. There’s even an option to put angel wings on for pets that are no longer with us.

  1. Paw Print Keepsake
    This is a Pinterest link for directions to make a DIY dog print ornament. You would obviously need access to your friend’s or family member’s dog, but this is a fun, cute way to make a homemade, personalized gift for someone special. 

What Do You Get Someone in Memory of a Dog?

Speaking of pets from the past, here are some sentimental gift ideas that will help your dog-loving friends and family memorialize their precious pets who have passed. Hopefully one of the gifts below can help them cope. 

  1. Pet Portraits
    These beautiful pet portraits are a great way to memorialize any cat or dog—both living and passed. Amazon has several different offers options to choose from, or you can check out websites like They are a bit pricier, but you can add up to 3 pets in one portrait.  

  1. Memorial Hair Locket Keepsake with Paw Prints
    I have a friend who had this done when her dog passed. It may sound strange, but it was actually quite nice. The necklace looks beautiful, and her dog had that gorgeous golden retriever hair. This necklace is not only unique, but it makes my friend feel like her pup is with her wherever she goes. 

  1. Get a Custom-Painted Urn
    You can find custom-painted urns on Etsy. Something like this could be such a special gift for a pet parent in mourning. Or if you are a talented artist, you could even hand-paint your own urn for a friend or family member. 

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