We all know dogs love to explore. Unfortunately, they use their sense of smell and taste to do it! This means our doggy friends commonly indulge in eating garbage and other inappropriate things, like feces.

No one likes the smell of a litter box on their dogs when they go to kiss us, especially since we know we love their kisses! Litter box snacks also pose some risks to our pets. They can also get intestinal parasites, like roundworms or giardia, or even Salmonella, which can be transmitted to us when they lick and kiss us. This is especially dangerous for young children, the elderly, and anyone with weakened immune systems. The litter itself can cause problems too. Essential oils or crystals added to help with odor can be toxic to dogs, and eating too much of the actual litter can cause intestinal issues, like sand impaction. 

Here are some tips to help avoid those smelly kisses:

Location, Location, Location

  • Some of our dogs just can’t help themselves, and easy access to a litter box is irresistible.
  • Try placing your litter box on a different level of the house, in a bathroom, or in areas your dog usually isn’t supposed to go.
  • You can also try cat doors or baby gates to prevent dogs from getting in but allowing cats easy access.
dog kissing woman

When Location Isn’t Enough

If you aren’t already using an enclosed litter box, depending on your dog, it may keep them out. 

If you notice your dog friend going towards the litter box, you can grab a toy and distract them from that area. This may help them associate going to that area with something more positive like play and your attention. 

Talking to Experts

Use your veterinarian as a resource. They have a lot of information that can help you and your pet and help you find a good trainer in your area. Trainers can help you one-on-one to develop a plan to deter your dog from the litter box.

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