We had the pleasure of interviewing Dog Meets Baby founder and certified dog trainer Dominika Knosalla-Pado, CTC, MA. For parents of young kids and dogs (and expecting parents), this is a must-watch!

Key Takeaways from the Interview

  • The relationship between dogs and young children needs to be intentionally set up and carefully managed.
  • Do some practice runs with your dog on leash and the stroller before baby arrives.
  • There’s no magic number for when a kid is ready to have a dog. All children and all dogs are different. Dominika recommends 4 years old, though, and child psychologists agree.
  • You should add a baby gate to your baby shower registry… not just for your baby but also to create a barrier between your baby and your dog. And practice creating a “dog zone” behind the baby gate before baby arrives.
  • Myth busted: Bringing a baby blanket home from the hospital will not automatically make your dog love your baby. Not even close!

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