Dog Trainers’ Online Presence

Looking for a little extra help and advice on training your sweet pup? Maybe you’re looking for a refresher on some old tricks and commands. Or maybe you’re starting from the very beginning. Some of you may even need help with things like aggressive or destructive behavior in your dog.

Paying for a personal dog trainer or taking a dog training class can be pricey. But if you need help correcting dangerous behaviors, it’s well worth it! 

Many dog trainers also give free tips online and through their social media. A big part of training a dog is training the dog parent. Training professionals want to give you the guidance and tools to set you and your dog up for success. 

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Positive Reinforcement Training

All of the trainers in our list below are focused on Positive Reinforcement Training. You may also see terms on their websites or social media pages like reward-based training, R+, force-free, science-based training, or pain-free training. They are all a part of the positive reinforcement training “movement.”

Psychology Today and many other reputable sources cite scientific studies that show how and why reward-based training works best for long-term dog training. This is why you’ll see more and more positive reinforcement-focused training programs like the KPA CTP program, and the Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification Program.  

​​KPA CTP “pledges to teach and train using force-free principles so that you and your dog develop a bond built on trust and respect.” 

And Fear Free has become “one of the single most transformative initiatives in the history of companion animal practice, providing unparalleled education on emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets and improving the experience of every human and pet involved.”

So, if positive reinforcement methods are important to you, as you’re looking for your favorite online dog trainer, make sure they follow these same principles.

Top 9 Dog Trainers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to find dog trainers. And many of these people also have their own websites, YouTube channels, TikTok accounts, and more. So let’s take a look at each of these special dog trainers. 

1. @everydogaustin 

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Every Dog Behavior & Training is located in Austin, TX and is actually “a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing inclusive, accessible dog training and behavior resources to the Austin community.” They strive to help thousands of dogs in their community who wouldn’t normally receive helpful behavior training because of things like accessibility, lack of awareness, and the typical costs of training. You can find their services, helpful blogs, and learn more about their mission, vision, and values on their website at:

2. @jwdogtraining

@jwdogtraining instagram screenshot

JW Dog Training & Behavior provides expert dog training tips for puppies, dogs learning basic manners, and even training tips for dogs who need work with reactivity and aggression. They offer both virtual training for anyone around the world as well as in-person training in Northern Virginia. 

“Training sessions are fun and low stress for both the dog and human. Using the science of learning, with an emphasis on positive reinforcement, we create effective, easy-to-follow training plans that are designed to make dogs and their owners successful.” Check out their training costs, locations, availability, and what they are all about at their website:

3. @pawsitivelypetstraining

@pawsitivelypetstraining instagram screenshot

Pawsitively Pets is run by Emily Martin and is located in the Denver metro area. Emily is not only a dog trainer, but she’s an animal trainer of many different species. With Pawsitively Pets, you can book a training session in-person or virtually. 

“I call myself a professional animal trainer although nowadays most of my work is with dogs. I was a zookeeper and educator for nearly two decades. My career has allowed me to care for and train over 100 species of animals, including mountain lions, monkeys, porcupines, kangaroos, birds, and reptiles. It has made for some great dinner time stories!” This lady has some pretty impressive credentials in the training world. You can find out more about her, classes, and pricing at her website:

Dog Mom Mentality is a dog trainer named Karoline, and her Aussie mix named Layla. She is about “empowering others to feel confident & build a stronger relationship with their dog.” You can check out all of Karoline’s helpful online tools like her social media pages, podcasts, online support, email newsletters, and even receive discounts on other helpful products and apps with her discounts codes here: 

4. @happydogstrainingnc

@happydogstrainingnc instagram screenshot

Happy Dogs Training is located in Lake Norman, NC. They offer plenty of helpful online tools like their dog blog, a community group, training essentials, and their email newsletter. “Dog training starts with relationship and our happy training philosophy creates positive, successful relationships to tackle any dog training goal with clear communication and consistency.” Find out more about Happy Dogs Training on their website:

5. @jackandjilldogtraining

@jackandjilldogtraining instagram screenshot

Jack and Jill Dog Training is run by dog trainer, Jill Hassevoort, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP. “It is my goal to help pet parents unleash the excellence inside their dogs. You want the best result for your dog – that’s why you need a trainer who is educated in ethical and effective training practices.” You can find out more about Jill, her training methods, classes, and prices on her website:

6. @thereactivek9s

@thereactivek9s instagram screenshot

The Instagram account @thereactivek9s is a dog trainer who believes that there are no bad dogs. They focus on training dogs with issues like intra-household aggression, fear reactivity, dog aggression, and canine mental health. This trainer is from western Washington state, and they are a self-proclaimed R+ dog trainer, which means they only use positive reinforcement training. 

7. @​​ameliathedogtrainer

@ameliathedogtrainer instagram screenshot

Amelia Steele is a Dog Trainer and Behaviorist who is VSA Certified. “VSA’s Dog Trainer Course features a curriculum and employs learning techniques that holistically create well-rounded dog training professionals capable of delivering advanced-level dog training and behavior services in the widest variety of environments and situations.” Amelia has multiple social media accounts where you can follow her, as well as a website where you can find her services and book a free consultation:

8. @ruffrollacademy

@ruffrollacademy instagram screenshot

Ruff Roll Academy is run by dog trainer San Choi, KPA-CTP. He does private dog training and provides holistic dog daycare too. San Choi’s Instagram account will tell you all about his services, as well as his dog training philosophy and dog enrichment advice. He is located in Los Angeles, CA, and he provides all sorts of online training and tools here:

9. @peachonaleash

@peachonaleash instagram screenshot

Peach on a Leash Dog Training is run by Alex Sessa and her wonderful team. “Peach on a Leash® is comprised of an elite team of thirteen certified, highly experienced trainers with the knowledge and expertise to solve your dog training and behavior problems.” They are located in Atlanta, GA, and they provide both in-person and virtual training. You can find out more about their services, their mission and vision, and even a helpful dog blog on their website:

This list is only the beginning. There are tons of amazing and helpful dog trainers online who focus on positive dog training methods. As long as you pick someone with that mindset, you’ll be ready for some fun new training to try out with your own pup. 

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