Which dog breed stays “healthiest”?


Smaller, mixed-breed dogs may require fewer vet visits.

Many dog parents or potential dog parents of course wonder about the health of their pet. Vet visits can add up, especially if you don’t have pet insurance, so this is a great question to consider when you’re thinking about the breed of the pet that joins your family. 

A recent research study looks at this FAQ. It was published in Canine Medicine & Genetics in December 2021. and I talked to veterinarian Catherine Barnette about the findings. “This study examined DNA samples from a wide variety of dogs and found that the average purebred dog shows significant evidence of inbreeding. Breeds with higher levels of inbreeding required more veterinary care than less inbred breeds. Other characteristics associated with a high need for veterinary care included large size and brachycephalic conformation (English bulldogs, pugs, etc.).”

In other words, large and/or purebred dogs typically require more vet visits for health issues than smaller, mixed-breed pups. If you’re like me and prefer a big pillow of a dog, keep this in the back of your mind.

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