Analan is a company that prides itself on having the most innovative pet hair removal tool. With their unique design, they have quickly become the favorite hair, lint, and dust removal tool for numerous car detailing companies. “Analan believes that pet hair should never be the boundary between you and your pet.”

The Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a small tool that can help scrape away all of that extra pet fur from your car seats, carpet, couches, and more! This product is multi-functional and affordable,, offering free returns and shipping through Amazon. The Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon from nearly 10,000 delighted customers. 


  • Triangular shape to scrape on flat surfaces or in crevices
  • All three sides have different comb teeth for maximum, medium, and minimum density cleaning
  • All three sides work in progression for the deepest clean
  • Non-slip coating
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Requires little pressure
  • Easy to wash material
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • No batteries needed
  • No adhesive paper needed
  • Easy to hang, carry, or store
  • Works on furniture, clothing, and various upholstery 
  • Very affordable



  • Does not scoop up hair into a waste compartment



The Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover is our Editor’s Pick because of its unique features, such as three different combs in one and a triangular shape that can scrape pet hair out of corner crevices. For more great reasons to choose this product, check out the customer reviews below:

“I don’t have a vacuum with tools to clean upholstery… I could not believe how well this tool worked. It didn’t take a lot of pressure. I think it is important to go in both directions because I got hair off going both ways… I really hesitated buying this but am so glad I did.”

“I recently purchased the Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover. It does an awesome job removing the dog hair from my clothes, furniture, and car. Hair removes very easily and without much effort. This product deserves more than 5 stars in my opinion. It is probably one of the best pet hair removers on the market.”

“This is amazing!!! I have a German Shepard, Great Pyrenees, and Pit who shed like crazy! I used this in the back of my car and was amazed. I only did a couple swipes for maybe 10 min and the difference was insane! After going back and actually taking my time, it looked like my car had just been detailed. It also works on other surfaces! Tried it on my couch and had the same results. Buy it, gift it, whatever! You NEED this if you have pets!”

Information as of 9/30/22