Another great harness for escape artists, the Blue-9 Buckle-Neck Balance Harness is nearly impossible to slip out of when properly fitted. This proper fitting is made possible by six points of adjustment, so it can fit all breeds and sizes. This harness will not chafe and is considered Y-shaped, so movement in the shoulder joints is not restricted. The Balance Harness has a front and back clip and is ideal for training your pup to walk well with you, without pulling—in fact, it was developed by dog trainers. Added bonus: it comes in a variety of fun (washable) colors!

The buckle-neck functionality of the Balance Harness serves a varsity of purposes. A lot of pups don’t like things moving over their head, and the buckle-neck avoids this. It also makes it so that you do not have to readjust the harness every time you take it on or off. Additionally, the buckle-neck feature serves as a safety clip in case your dog ever gets stuck… you can simply unclip it to free your pup. 

Blue-9 is a trusted partner for many professional trainers and veterinarians, and they make their products in the U.S., with strengthening the human/dog bond in mind. The Balance Harness was rated the #1 No-Pull Harness by Whole Dog Journal.

Here are some highlights from 5-star reviews on Amazon:

  • “Purchased this on a recommendation from a dog trainer for our lab that pulls unmercifully. He is so strong I can no longer walk him. My 100# German Shepherd is must gentler and easy to walk than my lab, despite all his training. I was very discouraged that I could not take him with us to parks, beaches, on hikes, etc bc I couldn’t control him and he had broken many leashes, just snapped them in half. So she recommended this harness. I hemmed and hawed bc of the price but ultimately decided to try it. And I was shocked, the very first walk he was a different dog! He didn’t pull, walked right beside me, I actually had the leash by one finger and he was completely under control. No issues with distractions or his environment. He was the Houdini of harnesses – getting out of most all of them but not this one. It’s very adjustable to fit snugly, the two attachment options are a blessing. Well made. Definitely a great investment.”
  • “I’ve tried at least six maybe more, different front pull harnesses. Some just looked uncomfortable and were quickly forgotten. I used the “Walk your dog with Love” harness for a long time. It works but has to be adjusted constantly during our hikes.

    This is the best one I’ve found. The straps don’t chafe under the armpits (a common occurrence with many dog harnesses) it doesn’t need to be RE-adjusted ten times during a hike and most importantly it allows me to maintain some control over my overzealous pup.

    It’s easy to get on and off, get the one with the extra neck buckle. It is lightweight, some are really bulky, and so far it seems very durable.”

Information as of 6/30/22