Chewy’s Connect with a Vet allows dog owners to access real-time healthcare advice from the comfort of home. Any dog parent, wherever they are, can connect with a licensed veterinarian via chat or video. Autoship members enjoy unlimited, free access to this helpful service. With one simple click, you can connect with an experienced veterinarian and get advice on your dog’s health care. While Connect with a Vet veterinarians cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions or prescribe medications, they can answer your dog-related questions and concerns and notify you when your dog needs an in-person visit or requires immediate emergency care. No question is too big or too small. Professionals can advise you on issues including the following:

  • Illness — If your dog seems under the weather, you can share your dog’s signs to receive expert guidance on steps that should help them feel better.
  • Wellness — If you have questions about your dog’s exercise requirements or parasite prevention medications, a licensed veterinarian is available to discuss your dog’s wellness options.
  • Nutrition — If you are concerned about not meeting your dog’s nutritional needs, you can ask for food and treat recommendations.
  • Behavior — You can receive professional tips to help curtail your dog’s unwanted behaviors.


Dog owners can connect to a veterinarian through the Connect with a Vet service in two easy ways. For $14.99, non-autoship customers can choose the instant chat option to message a veterinarian. For $19.99, they can select the live video option, so the veterinarian can observe the dog’s behavior, activity level, and other important health indicators and offer more informed advice about the next steps to address the dog owner’s concerns. The Connect with a Vet service is free to Chewy’s autoship customers, who have unlimited access to the instant chat and live video options.

When you choose the live chat version, you can instantly exchange messages with a veterinarian, and you have the option to upload photos and videos of your dog directly. When you choose the live video option, you can schedule a 20-minute video appointment up to two weeks in advance, or a same-day appointment, depending on availability. 

Chewy’s Connect with a Vet has two drawbacks: the service is unavailable between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. ET and Alaska and Hawaii residents cannot access the service. 

Chewy’s Connect with a Vet service has received 4.9 out of 5 stars from customers after 90,000-plus consultations. Hear what dog owners have to say about their experience:

  • “This feature is so nice to be able to get immediate answers for all my questions. I probably would have searched online and in the meantime Murphy still would have been itchy with no relief. Thank you, Chewy!”
  • “This is honestly one of the best customer experiences I’ve had. I am extremely impressed with how easy it was to get in touch with a veterinarian on the chat service and how helpful she was.”
  • “This was so great to have access to a veterinarian on a holiday when my veterinarian is closed. My dog is sick but it’s not an emergency … so it was great to have the veterinarian say that he can wait to be seen until after the holiday.”


Chewy’s Connect with a Vet service offers dog owners an easy, convenient way to get professional advice about their four-legged friend’s health care. This service is not intended to treat dogs in emergencies. You should go directly to the closest veterinary clinic if your dog is experiencing a life-threatening situation.

Information as of 6/30/22