If your dog suffers from dry, damaged skin or chronic dermatological issues, you know that managing their condition can be challenging. DermaBenSs, a medicated shampoo specifically designed for sensitive skin, will help moisturize, repair, and restore your dog’s damaged skin. 

Made in the United States, DermaBenSs is a gentle, soap-free shampoo that works well for many dermatological issues requiring an antimicrobial shampoo. In addition, the shampoo leaves behind a natural, herbal fragrance rather than the harsh sulfur odor of many medicated shampoos. If your dog has one of the following skin issues, DermaBenSs may be the right medicated shampoo:

  • Hot spots
  • Bacterial skin infections (i.e., pyodermas)
  • Lick granulomas
  • Acne
  • Oily seborrhea and greasy skin
  • Clogged skin follicles
  • Fungal skin infections
  • Mange 

The ingredients make
DermaBenSs shampoo an ideal medicated formula to tackle virtually any skin condition. Ceramides, naturally occurring fat molecules found in the skin’s outer layer, are essential for creating a barrier that prevents water loss from the skin. This barrier helps to prevent dryness and protect the skin. Another natural ingredient, vitamin E, provides excellent antioxidant properties to help fight skin-damaging free radicals. Benzoyl peroxide provides antimicrobial, keratolytic, follicular flushing, and degreasing properties. Salicylic acid is responsible for keratoplastic, keratolytic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic benefits. These powerful ingredients combined into one soothing shampoo produce incredible results. 

However, remember that this product can be hazardous if in your or your dog’s eyes, and the peroxide can bleach your clothes and towels. Use old items that can be stained, thoroughly wash your hands, and use on severely irritated skin only with veterinary approval.

Overall, pet owners are highly impressed with the results seen after a few uses of DermaBenSs shampoo. Five-star review highlights include:

  • “I am absolutely thrilled with the results received from this shampoo. I have used it only twice for my Shih tzu’s allergy rash, and it is giving her so much relief. It works even better than the ointment the vet prescribed. She also has trouble with folliculitis, and the shampoo is helping that to clear up, as well. I could not be happier with the shampoo.”
  • “Our golden’s coat gets oily and stinky really fast, and with other shampoos, we could start noticing the smell/greasy coat in about one and a half to two weeks. He also has sensitive skin, so while the greasy coat irritated him by giving him hot spots, I also did not want to aggravate it by bathing him so frequently, and drying out his coat and causing other issues. I saw lots of good reviews on this shampoo and wanted to give this a try, and have never gone back since. We’ve repurchased this countless times. Our routine now is a monthly bath prior to his monthly flea/tick medication application and his coat is looking much better and the smell is managed. One thing I have noticed that makes a big difference is how well you work the suds into the coat. Times that I take my time and let it soak in are the extra great months, compared to a few rush jobs I’ve done. So take your time. This does have a smell … but I honestly don’t think it smells bad. It’s just not a whole bunch of unnecessary fragrance like some other shampoos, and I like that.”
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Information as of 6/30/22