Dog Obedience Training Classes In-Person & Online


Dogmantics is a dog training company that offers a self-guided training course through videos on demand, as well as free YouTube dog training advice and free reading tools. They are “dedicated to training that is based on science and ruled by ethics.” Dogmantics is run by dog trainer, Emily Larlham, in San Diego, CA. She is known for her popular YouTube Channel: Kikopup. Emily is focused on showing people how to train their dogs without physical or psychological intimidation. 

She has spent numerous years learning from other dog training mentors and even speaking at seminars on dog training without intimidation techniques in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Emily has five dogs: Kiko, Splash, Tug, Wish, and Halo.


  • Memberships: weekly inspirations, weekly puppy insights, weekly manners membership, Kikopup members videos
  • Self-study courses: leash walking
  • Video on Demand: video streaming training series
  • YouTube: check out Emily’s training style ahead of time on YouTube, or use these videos to supplement her training courses. 


  • Numerous paid training tools available
  • Free YouTube training videos available
  • Progressive reinforcement dog training methods


  • There are no in-person dog training courses available
  • There are no one-on-one or individual-based dog training courses available


If you’re the type of person who likes to do your own dog training expert tools and advice,  Dogmantics could be a perfect fit. You can use the free YouTube videos, paid resources, or both to work with your dog on your time in your own space. Check out what these customers had to say:

“Kikopup has absolutely the best dog training videos on YouTube, especially for Border Collies. Without them I am not sure I would have gotten through the difficult puppy stages.”

“Emily is very talented at making her learners aware of the small details that very much matter in training.”

“I can’t recommend Dogmantics highly enough! Love Emily’s mission to share force-free training with the masses. I learn a ton from her videos and have seen some great improvements in working with my dog just by putting a fraction of her ideas into practice. Easily one of the best trainers out there!”

Information as of 6/30/22