poodle in frisco harness

This one is for our itty bitties! The breathable mesh allows for cool and comfortable walking without chaffing. Velcro makes it easy to adjust, versus having to deal with a bunch of overwhelming straps on your small pup. This harness employs a unique step-in design, making it super simple to get on and off, and two D-ring options (front and back) for leash attachment. It also has reflective bands for nighttime walking. 

Frisco products were developed exclusively for Chewy.com, but that does not affect the recommendation rate by Chewy reviewers, which stands at an impressive 95%. If you have a small dog, why not invest in (barely, it’s very economically priced!) a harness made especially for small dogs? Here are some highlights from 5-star reviews:

  • “I had been looking for a harness that is sturdy yet soft enough to be comfortable for my papitese. He’s a neck puller so ordinary collars are out of the question. I wanted one that had no “connections” on the parts of his body where he rests, no extra bumps under his tummy or on his sides. This one fits the bill. Easy to step in, velcro adjustable closure with additional snap in clip. The clip is a must. I previously had one with a velcro closure only and he pulled so hard it came apart.”
  • “We purchased this blue vest in extra small for our miniature poodle puppy. It’s easy to get on and off. The velcro closure makes the harness adaptable to a quickly growing puppy and the straps and plastic clip provide extra security.”
  • “The quality and fit is even better than I expected for the price! My little guy steps right into it.”

Information as of 6/30/22