Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a great option for owners looking for a reliable accident-and-illness pet insurance plan with no restrictive benefit caps or payouts. In business since 2009, Healthy Paws is committed to helping pet parents with the financial impact of veterinary care, and by assisting pet rescue organizations through their nonprofit, The Healthy Paws Foundation. Healthy Paws holds a 10-year—and counting—record as the number one customer-rated pet health insurance plan for its substantial coverage, affordable rates, altruistic efforts, and easy claims process.

No Limits on Love or Claims

Because Healthy Paws partners with insurance broker Aon Corporation, with underwriting from the Chubb Group, policy owners can feel confident that their pet insurance policy is a sound financial investment. 

Monthly premiums and annual deductibles are calculated based on location, pet breed, and age. Up to 90% of claims are reimbursed with no maximum limit on per-incident, annual, or lifetime payouts. Whatever your pet needs, Healthy Paws can provide. 

To determine your pet’s customized costs and anticipated reimbursement, request an online quote.

Eligibility Requirements

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance accommodates most pets, with no specific breed exclusions. However, the company does have a few eligibility requirements, including a physical examination by a veterinarian 30 days prior or 15 days after enrollment, and submission of the pet’s full medical record with your first claim. 

While pets as young as 8 weeks can be enrolled, pets older than 6 years of age at the time of enrollment will have a reduced reimbursement rate and higher deductible, as well as a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia coverage. Coverage may vary per state, so read your sample policy closely. Healthy Paws does not provide illness coverage for pets older than 15 years.

One Policy, No Extras = All You Need

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has condensed everything your pet needs to one easy-to-understand, relatively comprehensive accident-and-illness policy that covers most common pet diseases and accidents.

Healthy Paws does not offer pet wellness options or preventive care, which they consider routine costs, and therefore easier to budget. Unused wellness package benefits and higher service costs often force pet owners to pay more for something that’s cheaper out-of-pocket.

Quality Coverage for Dogs and Cats

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance does an excellent job of meeting the primary unexpected costs of pet ownership. As long as conditions are new (i.e., diagnosed at least 15 days after policy enrollment), Healthy Paws plan coverage includes hundreds of major and minor illnesses, including chronic disease, cancer, hereditary or genetic conditions, and emergency and specialty care. Coverage also includes necessary diagnostic testing, imaging (e.g., X-ray, ultrasound), surgery, medications, and hospitalization, further reducing your veterinary bills.

In addition, the Healthy Paws policy includes coverage for alternative treatments, such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture, if performed by a licensed veterinarian.

The Fine Print: Coverage Exceptions

Like all pet insurance policies, the Healthy Paws policy does have a few exclusions. Although we highly recommend our featured insurance companies, we strongly advise reviewing each company’s sample policy, to ensure all your pet’s potential needs will be satisfied. Healthy Paws does not cover the following:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Exam and consultation fees
  • Pre-existing cruciate ligament injury
  • Dental costs
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Therapeutic diets
  • Preventive care 

Online and In-app Claim Filing and Reimbursement

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is well-loved for its easy claims process and fast reimbursement, no matter the technology level you prefer—an app, online portal, or snail-mail. Healthy Paws reports that 99% of claims are processed in two days, and reimbursements issued after another 24 hours. While online and app filing is faster, most customers receive mail reimbursement in 10 days.

Pet Owners Know Best

Pet owners are generally pleased with Healthy Paws, celebrating their coverage as “the best decision (they’ve) made as a pet owner,“ and that the priceless peace-of-mind they offer makes “worrying about the unforeseen financial impact (of costly emergency treatment) a non-issue.“ Healthy Paws’ phenomenal customer service and support are frequently praised for their compassionate concern, quick response time, and expert guidance.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Is a Solid Choice for Most Adult Pets

In all, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a great choice for young and healthy pets. Because its policy restricts coverage of pets older than 6 years, wellness benefits, dental coverage, and exam fees, the appeal is slightly less for pets approaching their senior years. Always consider your pet’s needs carefully before purchasing an insurance plan, to ensure the best benefits and health for your pet.

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Information as of 6/30/22