This monstrosity of a rope toy boasts almost 1,000 reviews on Chewy with a 94% recommendation rate! People seem to always be shocked (and delighted!) by the size of the Mammoth Cottonblend 5 Knot Rope Toy. Do you know how excited your dog gets when he or she picks up and carries a really big stick? This is the rope toy equivalent! Make your dog feel like a king or queen with this bad boy. 

Instead of chewing the furniture, your pup can, unbeknownst to him or her, floss while chewing the Mammoth Cottonblend 5 Knot Rope Toy. If your pup is more into shared play versus chewing alone, this rope can be tossed for fetch or is long enough (by a mile) for tug-of-war between two pups or a human and a pup. The length makes it a popular purchase for multiple-dog households. It’s made from premium materials so it doesn’t instantly fall apart (which, unfortunately, is rare in a rope toy). Bonus: it comes in a lot of fun colors.

Mammoth was founded in 1995 and now has over 300 interactive items in their catalog. All toys come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Some excerpts from 5-star reviews on Chewy are listed below:

  • “My dog Rin absolutely loves tug more than anything. She has gone through several toys and ropes so I searched for the best possible tug toy I could find at a decent price and this was it. It took her a month to tear one side of the tug toy (because I let her chew on it, if I confiscate it after tug i’m sure it would still be in one piece). We’ve had this for 4 months and we still use it, I just grip the torn up side and let her have the side that’s still together. This has held up better than any tug toy even with her chewing on it. Those of us with dogs who destroy everything know that if a tug toy even lasts a month, it’s a pretty good deal so I would def. recommend this and it’s at such a good price too. Will be buying again when it’s completely torn up.”
  • “I got this so my blue heeler and my staffy mix could tug and play with it together. I was specifically looking for a longer and bigger tug toy so they have ample space to hold on to. This definitely checked off every box and is exactly what we were looking for!”
  • “I swear it makes my medium-sized dog feel like a big dog carrying it around.”

Information as of 6/30/22