Dog paw wax is a great way to moisturize and nourish your dog’s paws. It works as a preventative measure and a healing treatment. Outdoor elements of hot and cold weather can irritate your dog’s paw pads, resulting in cracks and bleeding. Regular use of a product like Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax can help. This dog paw wax is made from 100% natural, food-grade waxes and oils.


  • Fast-drying
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-staining
  • 100% natural, food-grade waxes and oils
  • Vitamin E & beeswax
  • Semi-permeable (still allows for perspiration to escape)


Musher's Secret: All Season Protection


  • Will not stain your carpet
  • Moisturizes and heals
  • All-natural
  • Multi-use


  • Needs to be reapplied every day, possibly multiple times a day


Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax is extremely easy to use. Moisturize your pup’s paws with the dog paw wax daily the same way you moisturize your own hands. For more insight, check out these reviews:

“At the first application he was quite confused with the jar and grabbing his paw, but man, when I started applying it his expression was of pure relief with a hint of thank you. Over time his paws got better and stayed that way, I pretty much put it on before our walks, especially if it’s rougher weather.”

“I took to Instagram, and all of my friends suggested trying Musher’s Secret. I bought it and started applying it every night right before bedtime and have been doing that routine for about a month now. So far three of his paws have completely healed and one paw is still making vast improvements.”

“It rubs into the dog’s pads quickly and cleanly, I do it at night. Not greasy. Although I got my dog’s boots out, he didn’t indicate any need for them. Checked his pads and not even a pink spot at the end of day number 4 of 100° tempts.”

Information as of 6/30/22