Nom Nom was founded in 2015 and started as a “small collective of pet enthusiasts” looking to improve the health of pets through food. The four founders have diverse backgrounds (law, analytics, sales, and technology) and have an in-house veterinary nutritionist to help make sure their food is up to snuff. 

The company is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and has delivered “tens of millions” of meals. They are active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube), where they affectionately refer to their customers as “Nommers.” 


Nom Nom offers four different meals for dogs: Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare. All are formulated according to AAFCO guidelines—a set of science-based nutritional standards—and overseen by their in-house board-certified specialist in veterinary nutrition. This combination should produce a well-balanced diet that can provide your pet with everything he or she needs. 

Each meal contains a protein, a carbohydrate source (potato, sweet potato, or rice), and a selection of vegetables. All the recipes also contain fish oil, adding essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. Citric acid and vinegar are also included, likely to act as natural preservatives. The other listed ingredients are a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients, such as choline, which are important for your dog’s health.  

Nom Nom meals also contain taurine, which is an amino sulfonic acid not strictly necessary for dogs (they can create their own, assuming they are fed the right mix of proteins) but may be included as a precaution. There were some recent concerns about diets containing ingredients such as peas, beans, or potatoes having a low taurine content which leads to heart disease in some dogs, so boosting taurine levels in the diet may be a safeguard against this. 

Where possible, Nom Nom chooses sustainably sourced food and aims for zero food waste in their factories.

Special Claims

“Excitement At Mealtime”

Is your dog going to get more excited about this food? It’s certainly possible—dogs choose what they are going to eat based on how it smells, and warmed fresh food tends to have a stronger aroma than canned food or kibble. There’s no hard science to back this up, but it’s very believable. 

“More Energy”

A change in food may or may not produce a change in your dog’s energy levels. If your dog was sensitive or intolerant to ingredients in their previous diets, then changing may help them to feel better and they will seem more active. The tailored portion sizes that Nom Nom provides may also help overweight dogs lose weight, which will boost their energy. 

“Smaller Stools”

There is a published scientific study showing that Nom Nom is more digestible than a comparable dry kibble and that dogs eating Nom Nom produce smaller stools. The study was performed by the company itself, so we do have to take the results with a small pinch of salt, but it seems likely this is true. 

“Better Breath”

Your pet’s breath is likely to contain the smell of the food that they have eaten most recently. Fresh food such as Nom Nom may smell more appealing to humans than kibble or wet food. 

“Softer, Silkier Coat, & Less Shedding”

Fish oils present in all the Nom Nom diets are high in essential fatty acids, which have been linked with healthier skin and fur. If the fatty acid levels in Nom Nom are higher than in your dog’s current diet, then you might see an improvement in his or her coat. 

“Weight Goals Reached”

Obesity is a serious health problem in pets and can take years off their lives, so this is an important one. Nom Nom meals are all individually portioned, so if you find the right amount for your pet to eat, then it may be easier to reach and maintain a healthy weight. 

“All-Around Happier Vets, and All-Around Healthier Pets”

Finding the right diet can make your pet happier and healthier, so if your dog or cat’s current diet doesn’t suit him or her, then you may, in fact, see an improvement on a different diet. 

For example, some pets can have allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients in their food —often the protein source. All the Nom Nom diets contain a single protein source, so finding the right diet may help to relieve the symptoms of these conditions. These include itchy skin, loose stools, or vomiting. 

Pros and Cons of Nom Nom


  • High nutritional standards and an on-site specialist should mean this food offers a truly complete diet. 
  • Single protein sources may be helpful for pets with mild to moderate food allergies or intolerances.
  • The company invests in scientific research in a number of areas, which suggests a commitment to ongoing improvement. 


  • Food is not human-grade, like other fresh dog foods on the market.
  • Certain proteins may be more expensive than other fresh dog food brands, depending on breed characteristics.
  • The meats used, particularly chicken and beef, are common allergens, so sensitive pets may be more likely to react to them. 
  • The health benefits of feeding this food are unlikely to be as great as the company suggests for all dogs. 

Information as of 7/3/22