The pancreas is a small organ that sits under your dog’s stomach, adjacent to their small intestine, and has two extremely important functions. One part produces insulin to help regulate blood sugar, and the other part produces digestive enzymes, including lipase to digest fats, proteases to digest proteins, and amylase to digest carbohydrates. Damage to the digestive enzyme-producing part results in exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). No cure exists for EPI and dogs must receive digestive enzymes throughout their life.

PancrePlus Powder for Dogs and Cats is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat EPI in dogs and cats. This pancreatic enzyme concentrate originates from pigs and aids in protein, carbohydrate, and fat digestion for dogs affected by EPI. PancrePlus Powder contains three major enzymes—amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates; protease, which breaks down protein; and lipase, which breaks down fat. This breakdown is necessary for proper nutrition absorption. PancrePlus Powder also contains fat-soluble vitamins to help the pancreas produce digestive enzymes, further reducing EPI signs and improving your dog’s quality of life by preventing malnutrition.

The mission of VetOne, which produces PancrePlus Powder, is to provide quality veterinary resources to the animal health industry by delivering a diverse product selection with superior value. 

Highlights from five-star reviews on Chewy include the following:

  • “About six years ago, our cat was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She looked miserable and most likely would die. She was prescribed PancrePlus. Her body’s response was quick. She was able to process food and recovered completely, and still looks and behaves like a young healthy cat. Great stuff! What a simple fix!”
  • “I absolutely love this powder! It worked so well for my dog who has EPI. It helped him gain weight, he doesn’t vomit anymore, and his stool is back to normal. I feed him one teaspoon with every three cups of food I give him, and I also moisten the food first so the powder can absorb into the dry food. I also let it sit for 20 minutes before giving it to him.”
  • “My dog was diagnosed with EPI about a year ago, at which time she had lost a third of her body weight and was extremely ill. It took three months to get that diagnosis, testing her for everything from allergies to giardia. After finally getting the diagnosis, this was the most reasonably priced supplement we could find that is truly veterinary recommended and prescription strength, and within two days of adding it to her food, you could tell a difference! A year later, she has gained the weight back and is doing better than ever.”

Information as of 6/30/22