PetSafe is a popular brand for dog products, including harnesses. This particular harness can be used for everyday walks as well as for car safety. This product doesn’t mention any official crash-testing done. But you can still use it to help secure your dog during car rides. You can loop the seat belt through the back of the harness, and buckle in like normal.

dog in petsafe harness


  • Five adjustable points
  • Comfortable neoprene-lined strap padding
  • Reflective nylon stitching on the straps
  • Leash clip on back for walks
  • Leash clip on front for no-pull training
  • Sizes XS to L
  • Three color options
  • Step through instead of over-the-head



  • Very low price point
  • Can be used for everyday walks



  • No actual crash-testing done


Although this product doesn’t have any official crash-testing results, it is still a very nice harness for a low price. And can help keep your dog more secure during car rides. Check out what customers had to say about it below:

“I have a couple of other harnesses, but she always fights when I put them on her. This one is perfect, nothing over her head, I don’t have to fight to get her step in it, this just clicks together. No fussing, no more fights to get it on. I love it!”

“I love this harness! We have 3 big dogs and I got one for all of them. They fit so good and are padded. “

“This harness is supportive, easy to adjust, easy to ‘clip’ without tangling hair, and offers 2 anchor points. Plus, no vest so our puppy stays nice and cool on his walks. Well constructed.”

Information as of 6/30/22