The PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness has a lot to offer, including some very neat color options. It comes in sizes XS to L and has five adjustment points to create the ideal fit for your pup. It’s an unrestrictive Y-shaped harness, so the straps go around the head versus over the head, which many dogs prefer. This harness boasts two leash attachment points on the back and front (no pulling allowed!), padded straps for comfort, reflective stitching for safe night walking, and even a handle for more control, supporting your elderly dog with walking, or helping your agile dog over obstacles. A car control strap is also included, so you can safely keep your dog in the backseat. Another added bonus: the harness is also packaged with a training guide.

As you may have guessed, with PetSafe products, the safety of your pet is the #1 priority. They consult with trainers and veterinarians and follow internationally established standards for product development, manufacturing, testing, and inspection. PetSafe’s parent company, Radio Systems Corporation, also owns top international pet brands like Invisible Fence and Innotek. 

Check out some excerpts from 5-star ratings below on Chewy:

  • “I have to say this harness has been a total game changer. I recently adopted a young bull terrier mix and she came with a traditional harness, plus astonishing strength. She just loved to barrel ahead in the harness and it was getting worse on every walk. Nothing helped. I ordered this harness and instantly walking is a pleasure. Not only is walking her easier, when she reacts to stimuli and tries to charge it, she gets flipped around to face me so I can get her focus back. She also liked to weave back and forth in front of me but with this, I can easily keep her in one side. Even if the leash drops between her front legs it’s still effective and less likely to catch her leg in a jam. Construction is sturdy. I fit it while on her, then took it off and snugged a bit tighter and stretched each section by hand, and it’s fit perfectly when I put it back on. It comes with clear directions on fitting it (you gotta have the front ring on the breastbone). Material seems sturdy, it’s quick to put on, and it seems like it will last.”
  • “This harness is much higher quality than I expected! Even though the straps are thin and minimal, it has thoughtful padding on the inside of the straps where it’ll contact the dog’s body. And to make life easier for the people (and the dog) there are multiple tags on the inside to indicate which parts go around the shoulder, belly, etc. The two closures make it possible for you to clip it around dog’s neck vs having to slip it over their head. And the two options for clipping the leash on are so excellent for training. It’s virtually impossible for the dog to pull on the leash when the leash is hooked to the front/center of chest. When she tries she just ends up pulling herself sideways. This is a nice gentle method for loose leash training. A+”

Information as of 6/30/22