If your dog spends every walk, hike, and play-time looking for the perfect stick, the search is officially over: the Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Chew Toy provides long-lasting enjoyment and satisfies your dog’s taste for the outdoors without the harmful risks.

While chewing on real wooden sticks can lead to many injuries such as lacerations, punctures, choking, and intestinal blockages, the Petstages Dogwood is designed for safety. The toy is made from real wood and a non-toxic polypropylene-blend for a natural texture and taste. And, because a satisfying chew session should end with a nap rather than a trip to the emergency room, the Petstages Dogwood safely flakes apart under pressure, instead of splitting or splintering, and harmlessly passes through your dog’s system.

The U.S.-made Petstages Dogwood is available in four sizes to accommodate small and large dogs. The synthetic material creates an attractive yet resilient chewing surface that can withstand the biggest chompers but has a slight give to protect teeth from fracture. Unlike a real stick that may last only minutes, the Petstages Dogwood can withstand many hours and multiple sessions of aggressive chewing. The Dogwood’s fragrance-free flavoring comes from the natural wood flour, delivering consistent taste with every bite, rather than wearing off like a chemical coating or surface spray. 

The Petstages Dogwood is not only a fantastic fetching toy on land but also in water, because the toy floats. However, we recommend tossing the stick away from real driftwood, as your dog may not be able to tell the difference!

In addition, unlike a real stick, the Petstages Dogwood can be brought inside and simply washed with soap and water to restore the Dogwood’s squeaky clean state after outdoor adventures with your dog.

No two dogs chew alike, so always supervise your dog to ensure a safe experience, and remove the toy if you notice broken pieces, sharp points, or excessive wear. For many tree-hugging—or munching—dogs, the Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Chew Toy is an excellent, long-lasting alternative to real wood.

Highlights from five-star pet owner reviews include:

  • “My dog loves eating sticks and mulch. This toy proved to be just as favorable for her. Since giving her this chew toy, she rarely bothers with the mulch. I also love this for its durability.”
  • “This toy lasts for months, even with my toughest chewers! If you are looking for a great toy for your tough chewer, this is it.”

Information as of 6/30/22