If your dog tends to have an upset stomach, Purina’s FortiFlora Powder Digestive Supplement for Dogs can help relieve their distress. Nutritionists, veterinarians, and researchers collaborated to create this palatable probiotic supplement powder that is specifically developed to promote healthy intestinal microflora in dogs suffering from diarrhea. FortiFlora Powder Digestive Supplement uses proprietary microencapsulation to improve stability so the microorganisms remain viable. The product includes carefully selected microorganisms and antioxidants to help support digestive health and reduce gas. Dogs at any life stage can benefit from this high-quality product.

Diarrhea is a common problem for dogs and their owners and can be caused by numerous conditions, including dietary indiscretions, stress, infections, inflammation, allergies, and antibiotic use. Probiotics aid digestion, modulate the immune system, and benefit the intestine by producing short-chain fatty acids that inhibit harmful bacteria. They may also reduce allergic reactions by decreasing intestinal permeability and controlling inflammation. Probiotics improve dog diarrhea caused by stress colitis from boarding, moving, or any disruption in routine, as well as issues such as dietary indiscretions, bacterial imbalance from antibiotic use, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal inflammation, and food allergies. 

Created by the experts at Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets, FortiFlora Powder Digestive Supplement is specifically formulated to provide therapeutic, science-based support to your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets has established their reputation through decades-long research supported by more than 500 scientists, including veterinarians, behaviorists, and nutritionists. They have used this knowledge and experience to create a high-quality, effective therapeutic supplement for your dog. Each packet contains a guaranteed level of live microorganisms that will help promote beneficial intestinal microflora. This product is safe for all dogs, including puppies, and helps to develop intestinal bacterial balance, so their immune system stays healthy. This will reduce their risk for diarrhea, constipation, and digestive tract infections. 

Highlights from five-star reviews on Chewy include the following:

  • “My rescue dog, Buck, has all kinds of food allergies and digestive issues. During a recent episode of diarrhea, the vet gave me 30 FortiFlora packets. They immediately made a huge difference! Not only did the diarrhea stop, but so did his problems of constipation! So I ordered more of the FortiFlora from Chewy. We are now able to sprinkle the packet on his food only every other day or every third day. He is acting like a new dog! Sleeping better, more energy, no digestive upset, and completely normal poops! Yeah!”
  • “Our little Boston puppy was on chemotherapy for six months, and it obviously wreaked havoc on her digestive system. Her oncologist suggested FortiFlora to help her get back on track. She’s been on it for about a month, and it seems to be helping her stool get more solid.”
  • “Our dog is 14.4 years old and has occasional bouts of intestinal distress. She also was recently diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and put on antibiotics. Bringing back or maintaining the flora in her gut has helped bring her gut health back. Highly recommended, especially when attacks of diarrhea are prevalent.”

Information as of 6/30/22