Royal Canin is one of the market leaders when it comes to pet food, so it’s not surprising that they have a good adult wet dog food available. Royal Canin prides itself on providing high-quality tailored nutrition backed by a long history of research. This canned dog food is their basic adult food, designed to suit the majority of adult dogs from 10/15 months (depending on dog breed) to their senior years.

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The main ingredients in this adult dog food are pork and chicken, as well as water to aid processing. Chicken is an easily digestible protein source, and here is combined with chicken by-products (usually organ meats) to increase its nutrient profile. Pork liver and pork by-products are also included for the extra nutrients these provide. 

While some pet owners might balk at the seemingly low protein content of 6.5% (minimum) it’s important to remember that this is on an as-fed basis, so it cannot be compared with other diets. This diet actually contains 29% protein on a dry matter basis, which is well within the range recommended by AAFCO.

The ingredients list also declares salmon as an included protein, but this is in small amounts and is likely added for the healthy fats and essential fatty acids that it brings.


This is a grain-included recipe using cornmeal to provide further nutrients and as a good source of energy and fiber. Brewer’s rice is another carbohydrate source. While brewer’s rice may be unfamiliar to some, this is just the smaller kernels of white rice not considered perfect-looking enough for human consumption, so it’s bland and easily digestible and suitable for sensitive stomachs.


The dietary fats primarily come from the pork liver, by-products, and salmon. While crude fat looks low at a minimum of 3% on an as-fed basis, it’s over 10% on a dry-matter basis, making this diet not ideal for dogs suffering from recurrent bouts of pancreatitis.


The diet contains 386kcal/can, making one can perfect for a 15lb dog to have split between two meals. For smaller dogs and supplemental feeding, the food can be stored, covered, in the fridge for up to five days. For larger dogs, more than one can will be needed. The feeding instructions on this Royal Canin adult canned food are precise, allowing you to adjust for activity level.

Vitamins and minerals

Most of the rest of the ingredients are included to ensure that the diet contains sufficient vitamins and minerals. While the list looks long, these are all added to ensure every mouthful is complete and balanced.

Chemicals and preservatives

Lastly, the diet is preserved ‘naturally’ using citric acid, tocopherols, and rosemary extract. The cooking and canning process greatly extends the life of the food to around two years.

Health Benefits

While this diet isn’t specifically created to treat or manage any health problems, Royal Canin states that all ingredients are included for their specific nutrients. They also highlight the B vitamins and antioxidants included to nourish your dog’s coat and support a healthy nervous system function.

Like all wet foods, the high moisture content can be useful for dogs with urinary tract issues, although Royal Canin also offers other diets more carefully tailored to dogs with bladder stones, kidney disease, and urinary crystals. 

Pros and Cons


  • This food is formulated to AAFCO standards
  • This company employs full-time nutritionists and ACVN diplomats
  • Good product safety – all ingredients are tested before use, and the food is regularly tested before release for sale
  • Highly palatable – good for picky eaters!
  • Recyclable packaging


  • Not specifically tailored to dog breed or size – more precise nutrition may be better for very large or very small dogs
  • Customers complain that the cans are ribbed, so food sticks to the inside causing wastage
  • Contains three declared protein sources, so may not be suitable for dogs with food allergies
  • Not suitable for dogs with pancreatitis or growing dogs


As a basic adult dog food, this canned wet food from Royal Canin is an excellent option. Royal Canin prides themselves on their research and their food safety, and they employ ACVN diplomats and Ph.D. nutritionists to formulate their diets to the highest standards. This canned food doesn’t come with special health benefit claims, and it’s not tailored to dog breed or size, but it’s carefully balanced to provide excellent day-to-day nutrition for the average adult dog.

Information as of 6/30/22