Stella & Chewy have been making dog food for 18 years and offer a range of both raw food, wet food, and kibble. Their Duck Duck Goose raw patties claim to mirror our dogs’ “ancestral diet.”


Stella & Chewy pride themselves on “responsibly sourced” ingredients. All the meat in Duck Duck Goose is from cage-free poultry with no added hormones or antibiotics. Their fruits and vegetables are also certified organic. 


You won’t be surprised to hear that Duck Duck Goose contains duck and goose, as well as some turkey! These are all high-quality animal protein sources. The recipe includes organ meat (liver and gizzard) as well as muscle meat, which will add extra nutrients such as iron and Vitamins A, B6, and B12. 

The duck portion also includes ground bone, which is a great natural source of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. 


There are no pure plant or fish oils added to this food. However, duck, goose, and organ meats are all rich in fatty acids, as are pumpkin seeds. In fact, Duck Duck Goose has a relatively high fat content (minimum 34%). This is common in raw diets, as they tend to be low in carbohydrates and therefore must provide more calories from the fat. Some dogs will have no issues with this, but it can also cause some problems (see later). 


There are no deliberate sources of carbohydrates in this recipe, probably in keeping with the “ancestral diet” style. Indeed, Duck Duck Goose is low in carbohydrates – they only make up around 1.2%  of the food.  

Unlike their ancestors, dogs can digest carbohydrates quite well, and they can be a useful source of energy. However, they are not a strictly necessary part of a dog’s diet. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Duck Duck Goose contains a range of fruits and vegetables, including cranberries, spinach, broccoli, beets, carrots, squash, apples, and blueberries. These are all good sources of fiber, as well as various vitamins. There are only very small quantities of these included (less than 5% of the overall food) but the fiber content of Duck Duck Goose is similar to other foods. 

Other Ingredients

Most of the other ingredients in Duck Duck Goose are vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients such as choline and taurine. However, there are a few others you might not recognize:

  • Tocopherols are compounds related to Vitamin E, which act as natural preservatives. 
  • Various dried fermentation products are probiotics that are added to improve gut health.

Health Benefits of Duck Duck Goose Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties

The basic requirement of any good diet is that it must provide our dogs with all the nutrients they need, and Duck Duck Goose certainly seems to tick this box! The diet is formulated to AAFCO nutritional standards and is suitable for all sizes and all ages of dogs. Stella & Chewy also employ at least one expert in pet nutrition, and they manufacture the food at their own facilities, meaning that we can be as confident as possible that this diet will provide our dogs with everything they need.  

Studies suggest that freeze-dried diets may have lower levels of bacterial contamination than conventional raw, so Duck Duck Goose may be a safer choice than some other raw foods. However, there is still a higher risk of you or your dog catching an infection from freeze-dried diets when compared to conventional foods (such as kibble or canned). This means that you should still take the same precautions when feeding this kind of diet as you would with a conventional raw diet.  

Duck Duck Goose is designed to mirror a dog’s “ancestral diet,” which is why it contains high levels of proteins and fats. However, our modern companions are not the same as their wild ancestors – they have evolved alongside humans for tens of thousands of years, and this has come with genetic changes that alter the way they digest food. This means that their bodies now expect plants and carbohydrates as part of their regular diets. Diets designed for wolves are not known to be harmful to dogs, but they may not necessarily be better for them. 

Like many other raw diets, Duck Duck Goose has a relatively high fat content when compared to conventional diets. This may be useful for dogs who are prone to losing weight, such as those who are very active. It may also improve the appearance of dogs’ skin and coats, due to the high levels of essential fatty acids. 

However, the high fat content makes Duck Duck Goose a richer diet than some dogs may be used to,  so dogs may gain weight more easily on this food. Therefore, you should be careful when feeding it to dogs who are prone to obesity. It also means that it is not suitable for dogs who have suffered from pancreatitis. 

Pros and Cons of Duck Duck Goose Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties


  • Made to a high nutritional standard, overseen by experts, and manufactured in Stella & Chewy’s own facilities, meaning we can be as confident as possible that this diet will give our dogs everything they need. 
  • The recipe uses exclusively welfare-friendly meats.
  • Likely lower levels of bacterial contamination than other types of raw diet, due to the freeze-drying process. 


  • Diet is not tailored to life stage, meaning that dogs may be missing out on extra nutritional support at different stages of life. 
  • High fat content means it may not be suitable for certain dogs.
  • Cannot completely remove the risks of bacteria from raw feeding.


Stella & Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose is made to a high nutritional standard and should provide our dogs with all the nutrients that they need to live happily and healthily. The freeze-drying process also means that the risks of feeding this food are lower than with some other kinds of raw diets, but unfortunately, they cannot be completely removed. Duck Duck Goose’s high fat content also means that it will not be suitable for some dogs.  

Information as of 6/30/22