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From personal experience with my pups, I can safely say that dogs GO CRAZY for these treats! They seem as high-value as they come in terms of training. I discovered them when a photographer started using them to make my dogs behave during a family photo shoot. I have never seen my dogs react quicker or more enthusiastically to training commands than when I use these treats. I love the 21-oz tub because it will last a while, but you’ll get through it!

Stewart Pro-Treat has been the “preferred choice of pet trainers for over 40 years,” and you can see why: these treats do not contain additives or preservatives and are made in a USDA inspection facility. Bottom line: they contain nothing but raw liver that’s been freeze-dried. The freeze-drying process helps the treats maintain their aroma (that dogs, at least, find irresistible, and that humans find unoffensive) and nutritional value. The fact that it’s only one ingredient also makes it a great choice for pups with food sensitivities or allergies.

I tend to split or even quarter the bigger pieces of these treats, and the best news is that at the bottom of the barrel, there are crumbs that are just as drool-worthy to use as food toppers. These Beef Liver treats come a whopping 94% recommended on Chewy. Here are some highlights from a few reviews:

  • “I bought these to help my pup with leash-walking. We live in a city, so it’s very easy for her to become distracted. The downside is that this treat attracts all of the other neighborhood dogs, too! The treat comes in big chunks, so I take a pair of scissors to cut them into smaller pieces, or else I just hold the big chunk out so it’s easier for my pup to see it. It’s a pretty high value treat, right up there with cheese and chicken.”
  • “It is SO difficult to find a treat that all three of my dogs enjoy (Yes two of them are picky eaters). However, my Yorkie, Shih Tzu, and Rottweiler L-O-V-E these treats. I also love them (but not for their taste 😉 ) because they’re so high in protein and they’re a healthy alternative to other dog treats that tend to be highly processed.”
  • “They come cut in different sizes, which is really helpful. I chop them up into small pieces when I want training treats, medium slices for a food topper, variable sizes to fit into his treat-dispensing toys, and keep the big pieces when I want to give him a bigger treat for whenever he’s being a good boy.”

Information as of 6/30/22