Tuff Mutt is known for creating high-quality and highly-functional outdoor dog products at affordable prices. Their products “inspire the bond of companionship between dogs and their owners.” If you and your pup love being active outdoors, then Tuff Mutt has what you’re looking for. 

Tuff Mutt’s dual handle rope leash could be an excellent choice if you need a heavy-duty rope leash for walking your large breed dog. Tuff Mutt is a high-quality dog brand known for its reinforced outdoor dog products like leashes, harnesses, and other accessories that will keep you and your pup active longer. 

Their Dual Handle Rope Leash is made from dependable rope materials with an easy-to-grab handle to prevent rope burns. It comes with secure swivel clips and a built-in short handle to give you extra control when walking your dog. This shorter handle is especially beneficial if you have a big dog, a dog who’s still learning their walking manners, or a dog who tends to pull toward exciting smells. 


  • Heavy-duty five-inch-thick rope
  • Rot and weather-resistant material
  • Reflective stitching
  • Easy-to-grip padded handle 
  • Reinforced leather attachments 
  • Aviation aluminum carabiner that holds up to 1,000 lbs
  • Carabiner’s swivel technology allows clips to rotate freely
  • Secondary 22-inch-long short-leash handle
  • Overall leash length is five feet long
  • Available in three colors
tuffmutt dual handle leash
tuffmutt short leash


  • Heavy-duty strength
  • Reflective stitching provides improved visibility
  • Dual handle offers extra control
  • Extra-strength carabiner provides extra security
  • Extra comfortable handle provides a secure grip
  • Very affordable


  • Only comes in three different color choices


There were not many negatives when looking at this leash option. With this many great features in such a high-quality product—and for only $29.99—we can see why so many people love this dog leash. But don’t take our word for it—check out what the customers had to say:

“I have been looking for the perfect leash – my dog pulls and never feels secure. The locking mechanism is terrific.”

“This leash has been wonderful. I’ve had no issues with it. I really like the locking carabiner. 10/10 would highly recommend!”

“I bought this leash after my dog shook off another leash with a standard clasp and proceeded to run into traffic. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, and I’m lucky nothing horrible happened. I bought this leash to give me peace of mind that he would never be able to do something like that again, and this is exactly what this leash has given me. The combination of the carabiner lock and traffic handle make walking him feel safe and secure every time.”

Information as of 9/30/22