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Zak George is a famous YouTube dog trainer with his own dog training website and even a dog training guidebook. “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is the number one destination for dog training content in the world, with more than ten million views annually.” Zak focuses on positive reinforcement training while using the most up-to-date and scientifically-backed dog training methods. 

Zak has appeared on numerous talk shows such as Late Night with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Early Show on CBS, Fox and Friends, and Rachael Ray. He has also been a guest animal expert on Animal Planet shows like Dogs 101, and has starred in two of his own shows: Superfetch and Who Let the Dogs Out. This guy clearly knows his stuff! 

Zak has created numerous YouTube dog training video series that you can follow like The Dog Training Experience, New Puppy Survival Guide, and Reality Dog Training. He takes in adopted dogs from animal shelters and shows step-by-step how he trains these dogs. Viewers experience the ups and downs with dogs as Zak prepares them for their forever homes.


  • Free dog training videos on YouTube
  • New videos posted 1-2 times per week
  • Real-life training with dogs from varying breeds and backgrounds
  • Dog training book with correlating videos for each chapter


  • Free dog training advice for various situations
  • Dog training book is only $14.39
  • Book is accompanied by helpful videos
  • You can also follow his Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Positive-reinforcement based


  • Does not offer standalone dog training courses for purchase
  • No personalized dog training advice


If you are looking for great dog training advice without having to pay for a dog training course, this is the dog trainer for you! Although you won’t get personalized advice, Zak George trains all sorts of dog breeds from shelters that have real, notable strengths and weaknesses from which you can learn. Check out some of the reviews about his book below:

“When I started looking for dog training books because we had a new puppy on the way, I was so happy to find that training techniques have started moving in the direction of positive reinforcement instead of the “Alpha Dog” approach.”

“Each dog learns a little differently, but in this book, Zak George provides a not only humane way to train but a way that succeeds. He gives detailed, easy step-by-step training techniques that not only train the dog but the human as well.”

“The lessons in this book are short and easy to follow. It is so helpful in supplement to the YouTube videos. My Aussie puppy is taking to the training tips well.”

Information as of 6/30/22