Raw Dog Food Top Picks

Feeding your dog raw dog food allows you to focus on certain diet features that may be important to you as a pup parent, such as welfare-friendly meat and single protein sources. We had veterinarians put together reviews of the raw dog foods that we selected as our Daily Dog Top Picks.

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Raw Dog Food Top Picks

The pet space has never been more exciting and innovative. With the help of veterinarians, animal scientists, nutritionists, trainers, and dog lovers, we cut through the noise to determine who is leading the way in pet health.

The Daily Dog is reader-supported. This page contains affiliate links; read more here.

Stella & Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose is made to a high nutritional standard and should provide dogs with all the nutrients they need to live happily and healthily.

  • Risks associated with feeding raw diets are minimized through the freeze-drying process
  • Manufactured in Stella & Chewy’s own facilities
  • Uses exclusively welfare-friendly meat

Primal’s Beef Formula Nuggets are freeze-dried and can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to 18 months after production.

  • Good quality control measures are in place to reduce the burden of foodborne bacteria you would normally find in raw meat products
  • Freeze-drying allows the raw product to be kept fresh without refrigeration
  • The diet meets the guidelines of the AAFCO

Sojos is a family-owned pet food company that is a part of the WellPet family of brands.

  • Follows AAFCO nutritional guidelines to provide a complete and balanced diet for adult dogs
  • Manufactured in the company’s own facilities, giving them close control over the quality
  • The freeze-drying process will reduce the risks of feeding raw food when compared to some other diets

TruDog is a USA-based company with a fairly short list of ingredients. This goes along with their claims of being free from additives, artificial colors, and flavoring.

  • A complete, balanced diet providing adequate protein and fat levels for adult dogs as set by AAFCO guidelines
  • Single protein source, which may be suitable for certain protein exclusion diet trials and for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to other animal protein sources
  • The freeze-dried formula makes storage and serving more convenient and may be safer than non-freeze dried raw meals
  • Can be fed as a complete diet or as a ‘topper’ mixed with your dog’s existing diet
  • High-quality fish oils mean the diet is high in essential fatty acids, which may improve the quality of a dog’s skin and coat

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