Pup 6-inch Pixie Bully Sticks, made by Natural Farm, are a healthy, safe, and natural treat that you can feel good about giving your dog. Ingredients and processing methods are important when choosing a bully stick, and all Natural Farm Bully Sticks are made from 100% natural beef, sourced from a single supplier, and produced and packaged at the company’s human-grade facility to guarantee quality. Natural Farm’s 100% satisfaction guarantee demonstrates their commitment to excellence, and confidence in their product. 

While you can choose from a range of options for light to heavy chewers, the Pixie 6-inch Bully Sticks are lighter and easier to chew and digest. They are small, thin, and hollow, making them a great choice for puppies, adults, and senior dogs—although they are suitable for all breeds, ages, and sizes. 

Pixie Bully Sticks are grain-free, hormone-free, chemical-free, and oven-baked, to preserve essential nutrients like amino acids for improved muscle and joint health. Each stick contains 83% protein and 0.5% fat, and, unlike a hard rawhide bone, is soft and chewable. The 6-inch option is an ideal size for your dog’s training, rewards, or healthy snack. The sticks, with their hollow shape, not only clean your dog’s teeth, but also their rich, natural flavor promotes increased saliva and supports your dog’s oral health. The sticks come in packs of 50.

Natural Farm suggests you start by letting your dog ​​chew about one-third of the stick, and then gradually increase their chew time, to avoid stomach upset from the rich, high-protein content. Always monitor your dog while they chew their bully stick. 

Natural Farm was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to providing natural, high-quality dog chews sustainably while contributing to initiatives or social good. For example, their certified Green packaging is made with 51% recyclable sugar cane. 

Highlights from five-star reviews include the following: 

  • “I have purchased other brands, but the flavor of Natural Farm products must be something especially wonderful to a dog. All I have to do is open the bag. They know and come running.” 
  • ”My pup loves them, and even though they are smelly, I am happy my pup is getting an unaltered natural product.” 
  • “We highly recommend them for any pup or dog with smaller teeth/mouths, who need a thinner version bully stick.”

Information as of 6/30/22