Helinox is known for high-quality, lightweight packable equipment and furniture, including tables, chairs, and cots. It only makes sense that they created a cot specifically for dogs because we all know that outdoor adventures are more fun with your pup.

golden on helinox dog cot

One thing is for sure: when making a dog cot, the quality did not suffer at all. Helinox maintained their heightened focus on functional ergonomics. The same trademarked alloy is used to keep the dog cot unbelievably light and portable (just over 3 pounds!) yet solid and strong. The wide base prevents tipping, and the cot comes with grippers for the feet to prevent sliding. 

The dog cot is elevated and utilizes monofilament mesh to keep your pup comfortable and safely raised from the hot, cold, uneven, or tick-infested ground. The Reversible Dog Cot Warmer is sold separately but makes sense for added comfort or in colder environments. The cover is insulated and reversible and comes in three different textures and colors. 

Both the cot and the cover come in two different sizes: Regular and Large. The Regular size measures 8.5” (height) x 23.5” (width) x 35.5” (length), with a 132 lb weight limit. It folds down into a 5.5” (height) x 5.5” (width) x 22.5” (length). The Large size measures 8.5” (height) x 27.5” (width) x 39.5” (length), with a 154 lb weight limit. It folds down into a 6.5” (height) x 6.5” (width) x 26.5” (length). The cot also carries a 5-year warranty. 

The dog cot and cover come in handy carrying cases. The only tricky part of the assembly is finding the end of the cot that does not have a hole in it, so you can insert the pole and not have it slide all the way through to the floor. Instead, the end with the hole should be on top so you can easily pull it over the pole when taught. 

Take a look at these reviews from happy customers:

  • “Perfect for VanLife with a Pup:) we bought this for our new westie pup to use when we’re traveling in our van. he loves having a spot to sit outside and we love it bc it folds up/easy to store. we bought with the cover as well which i recommend.”
  • “Loving this product for our pup when we’re at the office, in the yard, or out camping. The mesh bottom helps keep him nice and cool and it’s easy to pack up and set up w/o taking up too much room in the car. Easy Peasy!”
  • “Surpassed my expectations, very well engineered and simple to put together and take apart. Took my Saint Bernard a couple days to get used to the squeakiness of the fabric but now he loves it, especially on hot days. Wasn’t a fan of the price but nothing else compared in the market for the collapsible dog beds.”
  • “My dog loves this, he took to it right away and made himself comfortable. It takes a moment to figure out how to put it together (there are sneaky holes you use to insert the poles into the cot surface on one side) but once you’ve got it, it’s very easy to put together and take apart. It’s easy to transport or store in the bag it comes with. I’m glad I went with large as my growing large breed pup takes up a lot of it already. I got it with the cot warmer which makes it even more cozy for him. The construction is solid and I expect it to last a long time.”
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Information as of 9/30/22