Take your dog’s play life to the next level with the oddly charming, endlessly versatile, and virtually timeless Kong Classic. If you’re looking for one toy to satisfy your dog’s needs to chew, play, and think, Kong Classic provides three-in-one fun without sacrificing safety or durability. 

From the tiniest toy dog to the most gargantuan giant breed, Kong has you covered. Kong toys are available in six sizes, to ensure a Goldilocks-level fit without the trial and error or choking risk. Kong also caters to your dog’s chewing style and age with four strengths: gentle Kong Puppy, comfortable Kong Senior, the traditional red Kong Classic for moderate chewers, and Kong Extreme for unapologetically notorious gnashers. 

Kong Classic’s all-natural, non-toxic, BPA-free, red rubber formula is ultra-durable, yet is appropriately flexible to ensure a satisfying squeeze and chew. Kong’s honeycomb shape produces erratic bouncing, making the toy great for fetch, whether tossed by you or dropped by your dog. Like all dog toys, Kong is not indestructible and will begin to show signs of wear. The manufacturer recommends supervising your dog during play, inspecting the Kong regularly, and replacing the toy as necessary.

Unlike other dog toys, Kong does not use any chemical coatings or flavor enhancers. Rather than attracting your dog with artificial enticements, Kong’s hollow shape lets you hide kibble, soft-fillings, and treats inside to make a long-lasting food puzzle that dogs love. Filled Kongs have been successfully used to reduce unwanted behaviors (e.g., chewing, digging, and barking), separation anxiety, and boredom.

If your dog can’t retrieve all the goodies, or the Kong is shiny with slobber, cleaning is as easy as soaking, scrubbing—hint: use a bottle brush!—and rinsing. For an extra-hygienic clean, Kongs are top-shelf dishwasher safe.

After 40 years as America’s most popular dog toy, Kong hasn’t compromised on quality or integrity and is still made in the United States from globally sourced ingredients. Veterinarians, dog trainers, and professionals recommend Kongs for their safe, easy-to-clean, and mentally stimulating design.

Dog owners love Kongs, too. Highlights from five-star reviews include:

  • “I freeze peanut butter in (the Kong) and it helps ease her anxiety.”
  • “This is my dog’s new favorite thing in the world … [I’m] very happy with the durability of this toy. [It’s] easy to clean, and the dog loves it.”
  • “I put my puppy’s food in this, and it is a great mental stimulation game. She not only has fun, but I have fun watching her figure out how to get the food and treats out.”

Information as of 6/30/22