The Sleepypod ClickIt Sport Crash-Tested Dog Harness is made explicitly for car rides to help keep your pup safe. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your dog will be safe through bumpy rides or even a crash.

Sleepypod Car Harness

In fact, these Sleepypod harnesses are specifically crash-tested. However,  they are not suitable for skinnier dogs like Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, Afghan Hounds, and Borzois. Sleepypod offers a range of sizes and colors. The ClickIt Sport Harness is the only dog harness to earn a safety certification plus a five-star rating from the Center for Pet Safety (CPS).


  • Sizes M to XL
  • Four color choices
  • Crash-tested
  • Three points of contact
  • Wide, supportive vest to disperse force and absorb energy
  • Made with a ballistic nylon exterior 
  • Uses automotive-grade seat belt webbing


  • Only harness to have safety certification and a 5-star rating from CPS
  • Crash-tested with the same tests used for child safety restraints
  • Uses car seat belt to loop through the harness
  • Can also be used as a walking harness


  • Expensive for a harness, but worth it for this level of safety quality


If you want safety assurance for your pup, you’ve got it, with the most tested and qualified dog seat belt harness. The cost is certainly worth knowing that your fur baby is safe. Check out some reviews below to find out how other customers like this product. 

“This harness is easy to adjust with a few simple steps (instructions are included in the packaging), easy to put on the dog, and easily attaches to any car seat belt.”

“There are so many auto harnesses on the market that claim crash testing, but the majority have failed crash testing. Bee-lined to Sleepypod after watching crash-test videos on Center for Pet Safety website. This harness is really good quality.”

“I feel really good about my dog being in a crash-tested harness. I was very surprised to learn that this is the only harness that has that approval. Wow.”

Information as of 6/30/22