Without further ado, the results for my rescue tripod, Gibbs, from Wisdom Panel’s Essential Breed Identification DNA Test for Dogs, which was $80 at the time of purchase.

25% Australian Cattle Dog

13% Chow Chow

10% German Shepherd Dog

5% Rottweiler

5% Chihuahua

Note: Breed crossover with Embark was Australian cattle dog, chow chow, and German shepherd (with small amounts of rottweiler), and crossover with DNA My Dog was German shepherd and chow chow.

Wisdom Panel does not have an app, but their relatively recent rebrand offers a very clean, user-friendly online interface. They’ve updated their technology and website/portal over the past few years, and it’s a massive improvement!

Wisdom Panel’s testing has been “developed by veterinarians and geneticists over the last 20 years,” and claims to be the #1 used test by veterinarians. They also claim to be the “most accurate pet DNA test,” perhaps because they tout the largest breed database. 

“Relatives” is a fairly new feature for them, as well. Gibbs had one “close family” member in Wisdom Panel’s database (cute!). Wisdom Panel also looked generally at whether Gibbs had any genetic health predispositions in his DNA, and they did not find any. They noted they found 22 breeds in Gibbs’ DNA and split those up into breed types like Herding, Asian and Oceanic, Guard, Terrier, etc., and included in-depth information on each breed. Finally, they performed 39 genetic trait tests on Gibbs’ DNA including coat type, pattern, shedding, head shape, and eye color, and included an ideal weight range given his breed composition. These were all interesting to read, especially since I did not send in a picture. For example, Wisdom Panel found a mask gene in Gibbs’ DNA (he does have a dark muzzle) and a partially floppy ear gene (also true!). Science is wild! 

Wisdom Panel’s results-sharing feature is not as robust as Embark’s, and their customer journey was a bit less engaging. In the end, though, their results had the most crossover between the other tests I tried, so perhaps they delivered the most accurate results!

Updated Wisdom Panel test in October 2021.