otterly pets rope toys

Here’s another handy variety pack, but this one, brought to you by Otterly Pets, is specially made for small to medium-size pups. The toys included in this set (rope knots, rope balls, and chewable rubber balls) are perfect for fetch and/or tug-of-war. The rubber ball (often a favorite amongst the little guys) is made of all-natural, food-grade rubber, and your pup can choose from a diverse selection of (washable!) rope toys.

When you purchase from Otterly Pets, they donate a much-needed product to an animal rescue or a good animal cause. They even accept submitted worthy causes through their “Suggest a Rescue” page. 

Take a look at some excerpts from 5-star Chewy reviews below:

  • “This is a great assortment of ropes and they seem well made for the price.”
  • “This collection is perfect for my new 5 month old rescue who enjoys chewing on many items. she’s teething! the flying disc is her favorite so far, but has fun pulling on the ropes.”

Information as of 6/30/22