Staying with the healthier bacon theme… enter True Chews Chicken Bacon Recipe Dog Treats. Chicken and pork are the first two ingredients (and therefore make up the highest percentage of the treat) and are U.S. farm-sourced. Notably, True Chews’ FarmCheck Program conducts animal welfare audits and has an animal well-being advisory panel. On top of that, True Chews are made by Tyson and are therefore rigorously tested and FDA approved.

All ingredients are natural, with nothing artificial and no preservatives. The treats come in strips so are easy to break apart for smaller pups or for training/moderation purposes. The Chicken Bacon Recipe Dog Treats come 97% recommended on Chewy. Here are some excerpts from 5-star reviews: “These like all the other True Chews are the perfect soft and tasty snack for my elderly pup” and “I have 4 dogs at 3 different ages with the oldest at almost 15 years old. I look mainly for something that the oldest will and can eat easily. Needless to say he’s very picky, so when he likes something it’s got to be good. This treat was soft enough and apparently good tasting. I have to highly recommend this product.”

True Chews’ treats are designed by pet nutritionists (board certified) and “culinary experts,” who are constantly researching new trends to determine the best way to make our pets’ treats taste delicious and nutritious.

Information as of 6/30/22