For the most complete, accessible, and affordable pet health insurance coverage, check out Pumpkin Pet Insurance. Less than a year after its launch in April 2020, Pumpkin was recognized by Business Insider as the “Best Pet Insurance for Comprehensive Coverage.” Although a relatively new contender in the pet insurance market, the company’s young age belies its long and impressive pedigree.

That parentage includes Pumpkin’s developer, Zoetis—the world’s largest global animal health company. Zoetis launched Pumpkin to improve pet longevity by helping owners make the best medical decisions for healthy, sick, and recovering pets without financial burden. Pumpkin’s policies are underwritten by another “big dog,” United States Fire Insurance—a Crum and Forster Company, and one of the oldest pet insurance policy providers in the United States.

An Affordable Investment in Your Pet’s Health

Pumpkin Pet Insurance touts an impressive 90% reimbursement rate for an extensive range of accidents and illnesses. While this does mean slightly higher monthly premiums, generous claim reimbursements can more than cover the cost. Pumpkin keeps policy selection simple—if a bit limited—with only three annual deductible options (i.e., $100, $250, or $500), and two annual limit options ($7,000 or $15,000 for cats, and $10,000 or $20,000 for dogs).

With Pumpkin’s customized quotes online comparison tool, you can easily calculate your pet’s premium cost, and see how Pumpkin stacks up to its competitors. 

Eligibility For All  

Pumpkin is a relatively inclusive pet insurance, boasting no breed or age restrictions, and providing industry-leading puppy and kitten coverage. Unlike other insurance companies, Pumpkin policies include: 

  • No lengthy waiting periods  Pumpkin’s waiting period is only 14 days for all conditions, including orthopedics. Other companies require a 6- to 12-month waiting period, or a pre-coverage exam.
  • No per-condition deductible — You can use your coverage for any claim, as long as the condition is covered.
  • No annual requirements for coverage or pre-qualifying exams — Your pet’s benefits don’t change If you miss their annual appointment.

Pumpkin strives to be transparent about its limitations and restrictions and offers a full 30-day refund if their policy doesn’t meet your needs. It’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t—Pumpkin’s accident and illness policy covers nearly everything, with only a few exceptions, such as spay and neuter surgeries, elective or cosmetic procedures (e.g., ear cropping, tail docking), breeding costs, and pre-existing conditions. But, if your pet is symptom- and claim-free from a “curable” pre-existing condition for six months, Pumpkin may reinstate coverage.

Simplified Coverage Without Sacrifice 

While other companies offer multiple coverage tiers and add-ons, Pumpkin only has one level. Pumpkin’s non-restrictive age and breed eligibility means that all pets receive the same comprehensive coverage, including:

  • Accidents and emergencies — Including trauma, fractures, toxin exposure, intestinal obstruction surgery, hospitalization, treatment, and any necessary diagnostics 
  • Chronic conditions — Cancer, digestive disorders, and eye, skin, and ear issues
  • Orthopedic conditions — Hip dysplasia and knee injuries (e.g., luxating patella, cranial cruciate ligament rupture) are covered when diagnosed after the initial 14-day waiting period.
  • Hereditary conditions — While you may pay a higher premium for illness-prone breeds, inherited disorders won’t be denied. 
  • Dental illness — Pumpkin has fantastic dental coverage, including examination, cleaning, X-rays, and extractions. 
  • Behavior, alternative therapies, and advanced medicine — Pumpkin supports your pet’s holistic health.
  • Medication, supplements, and therapeutic diets — Unlike other providers, Pumpkin covers your pet’s prescription expenses and food. 
  • Optional add-on wellness care — For an additional monthly fee (i.e., $11.95 per month for cats, and $18.95 per month for dogs), the Preventive Essentials package will reimburse you for your pet’s annual exam and a set amount of services, such as screening tests and vaccines.

Easy Claim Filing and Reimbursement

Second only to your pet’s top-quality care is how quickly you’ll be reimbursed! Pumpkin has an ultra-easy online claim filing process—simply answer a few questions, upload your invoice, and receive fast payment through direct deposit or check. Customer reviews on Pumpkin’s website cite “simple and easy” claim reporting, and “almost immediate” reimbursement, and laud Pumpkin for its compassionate and professional customer service. 

Pumpkin is Everything Your Pet Could Need—and Hopefully Never Will

For quality pet health insurance, Pumpkin checks all our boxes. However, pet insurance is a highly individualized need, and while recommendations are helpful, doing your own research, carefully reviewing sample policies, and considering your budget and pet coverage needs are imperative.  

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Information as of 6/30/22